On the first Wednesday of each month Sagra looks to a different region for inspiration and offers a 4 course set menu for $65pp and matching wines for $110pp. On Wednesday the 7th of March we travel to Veneto, a north eastern region of Italy famed for it’s romanticism. The cuisine has said to have been inspired by the paintings of Bellini and Titian. However, many of those from the region itself describe their cuisine with the phrase “La fantasia dei poveri” which translates to “The fantasy of the poor”. The phrase stems from the days when the region lived meagrely off the land, which has maintained its influence over the cuisine throughout the years. The food is humble yet deep in flavour and cooked with precision and immense technique.

Wednesday 4th April





polenta fritti with torcalato

soused sardine crostini

castelfranco, charred pear, walnuts & gorgonzola



bigoli con raddichio e asiago


risotto al nero di seppia




bollito misto with soft polenta & salsa verde



frittelle with zabaglione & raisins